Osborn Wooden Office Workstation Modern Style

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Osborn Wooden Office Workstation from Linear Furnishings is made of wood, designed to optimize your work environment with a cotton and linen sound-absorbing screen that enhances concentration and minimizes distractions. The built-in USB plug-in wire box provides practical and convenient charging options, ensuring your devices stay powered up and ready for work. With its stable and secure construction, this table offers a reliable and comfortable workspace, promoting productivity and focus throughout your workday.

Item specifications:

  • SKU : LF-21624
  • Type : Workstation
  • Style : Modern
  • Size : L120× W120 × H75cm / L240× W60 × H75cm / L360× W60 × H75cm / L240× W120× H75cm / L360× W120 × H75cm
  • Color : White
  • Material :High-Density Medium Density Fiberboard
  • Application : Study / Office / etc.

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12 months

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