• 26th Mar 2024

    Dining Table Size Suggestion

    This article provides suggestions for selecting the size of round and square dining tables based on your seating requirements.Round Dining TableThe diameter of a round dining table for four people…

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  • 19th Nov 2023

    what is high resilience sponge ?

    High-resilience sponge, used in many of linear furnishings sofa bed, often referred to as high-resilience foam or HR foam, is a type of foam material known for its exceptional elasticity and durabilit…

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  • 19th Nov 2023

    what is high density sponge?

    High-density sponge refers to a type of sponge material that is characterized by its compact and closely packed structure, resulting in a greater amount of material per unit volume compared to traditi…

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  • 18th Nov 2023

    What are Microfibres?

    Microfibres has a smooth touch and dense fabric structure. Microfibres uses high-strength wear-resistant materials and special manufacturing technology. It has passed various wear-resistant tests…

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  • 19th May 2023

    ​ What is Industrial Style Interior Design?

    An industrial style interior design is a design method inspired and influenced by the look and feel of warehouses and factories. It embraces architectural elements like ductwork and piping and makes t…

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  • 15th May 2023


    What material is the lazy sofa filled with? Is there a difference? Many people like comfortable bean bags sofas like what linear furnishings promoting. They basically compare the appearance, color an…

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  • 12th Apr 2023

    What Is Minimalist Art?

    Minimalist art is a design style that emphasizes extreme simplicity, focusing on clean lines, minimal color, and basic shapes. Minimal art does not contain an underlying meaning or more profound under…

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  • 28th Mar 2023

    What Is Postmodern Art?

    Postmodern art emerged as a reaction to modernism and critiqued previously held values about high culture and progress, and it dominated the latter half of the twentieth century. Postmodern art is a b…

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  • 21st Mar 2023

    Acrylic is durable

    Why Custom Acrylic Furniture and Designs Are a Great Idea ( on Munizplastics.comAcrylic Furniture Is DurableEarlier, we mentioned the need for more sustainable home decor options…

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  • 28th Dec 2022

    how to test quality of a chair?

    Verify that the chair is stable enough to take an average human loadCheck the material used in making the chair-wood, plastic etcCheck if the chair’s leg are level to the floorCheck the usability of…

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