Acrylic is durable

21st Mar 2023

Why Custom Acrylic Furniture and Designs Are a Great Idea (

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Acrylic Furniture Is Durable

Earlier, we mentioned the need for more sustainable home decor options. Acrylic furniture is built to last and survive years of use, including heavier wear and tear. No more replacing your chair set or TV stand or coffee table every six months to a year–you’ll get years of use out of acrylic furniture.

Some acrylic furniture is so lightweight that it can be on the fragile side. We use thick, heavy acrylic to ensure that your furniture won’t crack or break under moderate pressure.

Acrylic is also UV-resistant, which means that it won’t fade or change colors in a short period of time. Even if it’s used in a bright, sunny room, it won’t start to turn that yellow color that can affect some clear plastics.

Because all of our products are made in the USA, they’re not just durable–they’re also sustainable. Purchasing your furniture from USA-located companies is a great way to reduce the carbon footprint of your home. Unlike fast furniture companies, we’re never shipping pieces from overseas.

Acrylic Furniture Is a Safer Alternative to Glass Furniture

One of the reasons that many homeowners prefer acrylic is that it offers a similar aesthetic to glass without the safety concerns.

Glass furniture is extremely heavy, making it difficult to move. It is also prone to shattering, which is never good when we’re talking about chairs or other large, central pieces of furniture. If you’re looking for a glass-like aesthetic without worrying about how it might affect others in your household, clear acrylic furniture is the way to go.

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