Kai Metal Dining Chair Nordic Style (4 Pieces)

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Kai Dining Chair Nordic Style from Linear Furnishings is made of Metal, featuring selected fabrics that offer breathability and wear-resistant durability. The ergonomic backrest design ensures maximum support and fatigue relief, while the rebound sponge cushion offers a soft and elastic seating experience. Upgrade your dining area with these stylish and comfortable chairs.

Item specifications:

  • SKU : LF-21211
  • Type : Dining Chair
  • Style : Nordic
  • Size : L55 × W58 × H72cm
  • Color : Houndstooth / Blue / Yellow / Pink / Beige / Gray(Flannel) / Black(Flannel) / Black(Leather) / Gray(Leather) / Brown / Green
  • Frame Color : Golden
  • Material : Cloth / Flannel / PU Leather + Metal + Sponge
  • Application : Dining Room


  • Avoid expose it to prolonged periods of direct sunlight
  • Keep it dry
  • To clean, wash the furniture with warm soapy water using a soft cloth. A pH-neutral detergent is best
  • Avoid heavy cleaning with harsh chemicals such as bleach
  • Use leather conditioners

Warranty Information

One-year warranty

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