Clark Leather Bar Stool Modern Style

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Clark Leather Bar Stool from Linear Furnishings is expertly crafted from smooth, wrinkle-resistant saddle leather. This piece is supported by sturdy metal legs, complete with a central horizontal bar, and boasts enhanced stability and load-bearing ability. It comes with non-slip floor mats to protect your flooring while reducing noise. Perfect for dining rooms, its range of color options and surfaces allows for seamless integration into any decor style.

Item specifications:

  • SKU : LF-20060
  • Type : Bar Stool
  • Style : Industrial
  • Size : S : L43 × W47 × H65cm / L : L44 × W45 × H84cm
  • Color :Brown | Gray | Green | Khaki | Black
  • Type : Smooth / Diamond Surface
  • Material : Saddle Leather + Metal + Sponge
  • Application : Dining Room / etc.


  • Avoid placing it in direct sunlight
  • Keep it dry
  • Clean it with a slightly damp cloth
  • Use leather conditioners

Warranty Information

12 months

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