Sintered Stone Dining Table with design that can last you forever

Published by Leon Lim on 24th Dec 2020

Of all the furniture in the home, dinning table is the most important because this is the important spot where all would congregation together for a meal. This is why its important to have a steady table to hold all your means and everybody altogether.

8 reasons why sintered stone are the best

Sintered stones are crafted with modern technology to combine the beauty of nature, and science to create quality and art. Sintered stone is a combination of minerals created from high pressure and heat to permanently bond particles together to construct a impenetrable durable stone. Due to this process sintering, we called the finished product sintered stone. These engineering stones usually possessed the following attributes.

  1. Weatherproof
  2. Unaffected by heat or cold
  3. Waterproof
  4. Stainproof
  5. Very hard to chip, scratch or damage
  6. Easy to clean
  7. Food safe and hygienic
  8. Non-porous – doesn’t need sealing

Why Linear Furnishings as your source for furniture?

As one of the best online furniture store in Singapore, we sourced for exquisite design all across the world. You could easily search for cheap cheap furniture anywhere but if you want to rest in a home made with unique design and quality that is lasting, We are your best choice.

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Best sintered stone designed dining tables

1. Lapis Lazuli, Office Dining Table (SKU: LF-20363)

Lapis Lazuli, Office Dining Table (SKU: LF-20363)

This dining table is made for minimalist with a taste of Italian design. With a combination of oceanic deep blue and industrial acrylic. The beauty of nature is fused with the strength of modern plastic. This is more than just a dining table as hinted from the picture.

Product benefits

  • Made for boss
  • Design made to last
  • Simple and yet modern

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2. Kitco Gold, Bullish Dining Table (SKU: LF-20290)

Kitco Gold, Bullish Dining Table (SKU: LF-20290)

Italian design is often elegant and yet luxury, loved by many business class customers. The golden lining itself it is an unique birthmark given to each sintered stone exclusive to its owner. The architecture of the stone is so strong that even the Hulk will have problem breaking it. You will never have to worry about anyone accidentally flipping the table during Chinese New Year.

Product benefits

  • Luxury detail
  • Quality that last
  • Traders lucky charm

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3. Chardonnay, Engineer Extendable Dining Table (SKU: LF-20291)

Chardonnay, Italian Sintered Stone Extendable Dining Table for Minimalist and Scandinavia (main)

Sintered stone are usually designed in a piece but for the sake of creating extendable dining table, special machinery have to join the design team. Basically, extendable dining table is a marvel for engineer. Design is made to be simple to compliment with any background interior design theme.

Product benefits

  • Engineering marvel
  • Vanilla
  • Scandinavia minimalist

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4. Skylar Grey, Noble Dining Table (SKU: LF-20239)

Skylar Grey, Noble Dining Table (SKU: LF-20239)

Skylar Grey not only offer luxury as a design that is appealing to your guest. Overindulgence with a luxurious palate filled with artistic expression. Sintered stone is always the right furniture for your house with special characteristic for being scratch proof. Purchasing an art with a design that never fades never a bad deal.

Product benefits

  • Grandeur design
  • Almost indestructible
  • Luxury dining

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5. Zeita victoria, Winner Dining table (SKU: 20372)

Zeita victoria, Italian Sintered Stone modern dining table for Nordic and Zen (main)

Crafted for successful people, the table is uniquely styled with a victory sign. Made for the victorious who triumph above situation and difficulties. The winners will sit together and celebrate their victory. Among all our design, this is the chosen master piece protected by design patent.

Product benefits

  • Patented design
  • Styled with a victory sign
  • Non-traditional approach

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Conclusion from Linear Furnishing

Quality and design are both important for choosing a dining table. Traditionally, everyone will settle around a dining table to celebrate their handwork and success with stories. Dining table becomes the official gathering point in the house. Its symbolic representation is significant in every household. This is the reason choosing a dining table is important.

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