Agatha Fabric Stool Modern Style

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Agatha Fabric Stool from Linear Furnishings is made of EPP Particle and fabric. Its surface exudes a sleek and polished finish, elevating the visual appeal of any room. Designed with your comfort in mind, the Agatha Fabric Stool offers a plush and inviting seating experience, making it a versatile addition to your living space or workspace. Whether used as additional seating or a stylish accent piece, this stool combines style and comfort for a delightful sitting experience.

Item specifications:

  • SKU : LF-22061
  • Type : Stool
  • Size : 46 cm x 46 cm x 32 cm
  • Color : Dark Brown | White
  • Material : EPP Particle + Fuzzy velvet + Brushed Fabric Lining + Faux Lambswool
  • Application : Living Room | Bedroom
  • Accessory : No accessories
  • Key Process : Textile Processes
  • Packing : Bubble wrap filling
  • Verified by : CN

Warranty Information

12 months

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