Bar Stool

Bar stool made for you with creativity in design, material and construct

Best range of bar stools with a variety of customerisation to spoilt you with choices. High chair made with leather, wood, steel, leather, plastic equipped with adjustable seats. Traditional, these chairs are called bar chairs because they are placed beside the bar counter. Such chairs are common in the house, office and retail for a variety of usage.

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With years of experience in the industry, Linear Furnishings is a new entity incorporated by Horizon lights. It is our goal and objective to provide a full fledged home decoration solutions for both home and business users. Backed by a sourcing team, we strive to provide designs with quality for all our customers. Our goal is to create a one stop home decoration for busy people who are particular about design.

Bar stool and bar chairs collected from all over the world

We sourced our bar stools from all over the world and work with various manufacturers and designers. Beside purchasing from us, you could also requested Linear Furnishing to source a furniture for you. Some of interior designers even work with us to customerise the whole piece for them. Dont hesitate to contact our friendly sales team for a discussion Today!

  • Ergonomic office chairs - Comfortable chairs made for office, gaming or studying 
  • Arm chair/Accent chair - Tradition a large, comfortable chair with side supports for a person's arms. However, more designs are added to this chair to stimulate the visual interest adding spice to the interior of the house.
  • Dining chair - Design to be used as a chair to be seated beside the dining table for meal time. Made with only a back rest and usually without an arm rest.
  • Stools and Benches - Infused with design and innovations, stools and benches are given a second life.
  • Our full chair collection - This is our main collection enlisted with all our chair to pamper you with choice.


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