Outdoor Leisure Foldable Tables And Chairs Balcony Tempered Glass for Modern

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This convenient foldable chair is made of Textilene, which is firm and durable, high tensile strength, aging resistance, long service life, high tensile strength, water and oil resistance, UV protection, aging resistance, wear resistance, decay resistance and non-toxic. The widened handrail is comfortable and beautiful. The handrail is widened with engineering plastics, which is in line with ergonomics. High quality wear-resistant PP anti-skid foot pad is adopted, which is more atmospheric and beautiful. Similarly, tables and chairs are more convenient for us. It only takes three steps to expand to storage, which is convenient, fast, time-saving, labor-saving and space-saving. After testing, the folding part has been folded for 10000 times, and the folding test is intact.

This foldable outdoor table uses 5mm thick tempered glass as the main material, and the black glass mirror reflects the sky outdoors. The table frame is treated with phosphating and rust prevention, and equipped with black baking paint, which is more resistant to the test of time. Easy to fold, suitable for a family to drink coffee outdoors.

Item specifics


  • Installing a film on glass windows or barriers at home that can hold broken glass together if it breaks
  • Place very hot or cold items in direct contact with the glass surface. Extreme temperatures can cause thermal shock
  • Sit or stand on glass surfaces
  • Clean with washing powder or cleaning solutions. High corrosive chemical can scratch and damage the glass surface

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