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Chair is the most basic form of furniture for both indoor and outdoor environment. Overtime, their designs and functions evolved for different niche. This includes different level of comfortableness, functions and even technology support for various lifestyle groups. As the best online furniture shop in Singapore, we do not just provide customers a plank with cushion. Creativity, and innovation is built in our design so that we could spoilt them with a large range of selections with an affordable price.

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Our chairs are crafted with style to match most modern furniture in the house. You could purchase them individually to mix and match and customerise your own theme. You could also look into our dedicated categories to adopt a chair for your house. 

  • Bar stool/Bar chair - Tall chair with a foot rest to support the feet. Typically found in restaurant and food establishments. 
  • Arm chair/Accent chair - Tradition a large, comfortable chair with side supports for a person's arms. However, more designs are added to this chair to stimulate the visual interest adding spice to the interior of the house.
  • Dining chair - Design to be used as a chair to be seated beside the dining table for meal time. Made with only a back rest and usually without an arm rest.
  • Ergonomic office chairs - Comfortable chairs made for office, gaming or studying 
  • Stools and Benches - Infused with design and innovations, stools and benches are given a second life.
  • Our full chair collection - This is our main collection enlisted with all our chair to pamper you with choice.

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